Tom Lambuth

Appraisal and Real Estate

About Tom

Tom Lambuth grew up in North Central Indiana and as a high school student began teaching for 4-H and another leadership program called Junior Leaders. This dedication in high school led to him attending Purdue University on a 4-H scholarship. He subsequently went on to graduate school at the University of Kentucky where he also continued to hone his gifts as an instructor. Since his days as a student, he has never lost his love for teaching others. He is the owner of several different thriving businesses that all center on a culture of constant learning. He is involved in every aspect of his companies and seeks to understand the gifts of his employees and those in his community. Tom is always thinking of new ideas and lives by, “If you are not moving forward, you will be moving backward.”

His entrepreneurial spirit and love for teaching others has impacted countless lives across the country. Everyone who meets him walks away knowing his brilliant mind, but also his kind heart.

Tom resides in Lexington, KY with his wife Kathryn, but he makes frequent trips to Bluffton, SC where he teaches at Hilton Head Real Estate School- a school that he began in 2007. Tom has two daughters, but through the years he gained some boys with the addition of five grandsons.